Ram slot is causing pc to restart when playing games

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Jan 21, 2016 ... Do you have 4 or more GB of RAM and does your computer still feel sluggish? ... I might close a few of the more RAM hungry processes before playing a game. ... Unexpectedly ending critical processes can cause your system harm! .... In many cases the issue can be resolved by restarting the application, ... How to Troubleshoot Slow Performance Issues | Dell US May 8, 2019 ... When your Dell computer is running slow, stops responding or takes ... computer will slow down and eventually run out of memory (RAM). ... Malware (virus, spyware, trojans, etc.,) can cause a computer to lock up, perform slowly, etc. .... knowledge-base article How to Upgrade Memory in Your Computer. How to Fix Random Restarts on Windows 10 Anniversary | Driver Talent

Dec 3, 2018 ... Bug Description: Every time in a while the game reboots my PC. That's all. ... Could also be defekt RAM or just simple a cooling/heat problem. Hopefully this .... And I've bought this PSU as an upgrade this spring. It has nice ... The cpu fan in my computer will sometimes clog with dust, causing it to over heat.

Help! My PC keeps rebooting randomly, especially when I'm playing Battlefield 4. It doesn't really do it outside of games, but if it does it's just before I save whatever I'm working on (of course). PC on restart loop after installing additional RAM ...

I've been playing games fairly regularly on my laptop since June, 2013 but starting from the May, 2016 i've been hacing random reboots (with no BSODs) while playing 3D games.On occassion i find that after the reboot one of my RAM cards (top slot) is not being recognised in BIOS or in Windows.

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Does your computer emit endless beeps during bootup? Crash for no reason at random intervals? Get get blue screens of death? Most likely your RAM is busted

However, some certain games forces my PC to restart, other works with no issue. – MariusJ Jan 1 at 13:58 Right, the CPU address and data buses are in use, there probably is a memory controller, special functions as Cache logic and maybe DMA or whatnot. Computer restarts without a BSOD when playing games ... Recently I've been having a problem with my PC restarting randomly, but has only occurred when playing BF4 and GTA V. I have disabled the option to automatically restart at system failure but it still just restarts with no BSOD. I have scanned for viruses, which there are none. Playing PUBG causes my PC to restart. - Help ... I have had this problem for around a week or so now where I am playing PUBG and it causes my entire PC to restart itself, it only happens with PUBG and it has only started this last week or so. Now what really is confusing me is that it isnt a consistent problem, I played around 6-7 games yesterd...